Size Estimator

All sizes shown may not be available upon inquiry. Please call for reservations.

Unit Size How to Visualize What Unit Will Hold Unit Visualization
5′ x 5’25 sq. ft.
(1.52m x 1.52m / 2.32 sq. m.)
4 x 8′ Trailer
(1.22m x 2.44m Trailer)
Small closet
Half bathroom
Chest of
drawers or desk mattress set, several boxes and small items OR about 50
file boxes
5′ x 10’50 sq. ft.
(1.52m x 3.05m / 4.65 sq. m.)
6’x12′ Trailer
(1.83m x 3.66m Trailer) Pickup Truck or Cargo VanWalk-in closet
Mattress set, sofa, dining room set or chest of drawers, boxes and small items
10′ x 7.5’75 sq. ft.
(1.52m x 4.57m / 6.97 sq. m.)
Large walk-in closet. Small bedroom Standard furnishings of one bedroom apartment without appliances, or about 150 file boxes
10′ x 10’100 sq. ft.
(3.05m x 3.05m / 9.29 sq. m.)
15′ moving truck (4.57m moving truck) Average size bedroom Furnishings of
one bedroom apartment with refrigerator and washer/dryer, patio furniture and many boxes OR two office suites OR about 200 file boxes
10′ x 15’150 sq. ft.
(3.05m x 4.57m / 13.94 sq. m.)
20′ moving truck (6.10m moving truck) Large bedroom Furnishings of two bedroom apartment or small house with appliances, patio furniture and many
boxes OR a vehicle or small boat OR it is big enough to fit carpet rolls and building materials
10′ x 20’200 sq. ft.
(3.05m x 6.10m / 18.58 sq. m.)
24′ moving truck (7.32m moving truck) Small one car garage Furnishings of two bedroom house with appliances, patio furniture and many boxes OR a vehicle or small boat OR construction equipment
10′ x 25’250 sq. ft.
(3.05m x 7.62m / 23.23 sq. m.)
26′ moving truck (7.92m moving truck) Large one car garage Furnishings of three bedroom house with appliances, patio furniture and many boxes, garage extras and miscellaneous OR a vehicle or boat